Maurice Sebastien Agniolen
Grand Chief from 1883 to 1896

Huron - Wendat manufacturing since 1878

Located north of Quebec City, in the Huron Village (Wendake), Bastien Industries has been manufacturing and distributing its authentic products since 1972.

Renowned for the excellence of its moccasins, and its Native American handicrafts, the company was first founded by Mr. Roland Bastien. Inspired by the expertise and passion for making snowshoes and moccasins by Maurice Bastien (1878), Former Grand Chief of the Huron-Wendat Nation, Mr. Roland Bastien set up a company that could produce items worthy of the Huron-Wendat heritage.

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Our Huron moccasins are all Native and Canadian. They are a predilection choice of shoe for both indoors and outdoors.

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Boots & Booties

Our traditional booties are a smart option for colder seasons like autumn and spring. Combining style and comfort, they are as perfect for the city as they are for outdoor walks.

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Artisanal products

Each of our handicrafts has been carefully handcrafted according to our ancestral production techniques. The vast majority of our collection is made in houses by Hurons-Wendats craftswomen.

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Hurons-Wendats products
100% authentic and Canadians